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With excelent managing and controlling on quality and cost, we creat remarkable hardware, software and service. 
Doopro devote to making a ultra-affordable fashion brand worldwide. Let everyone enjoy the high quality technology from Doopro.
Doopro is dedicated to deliver more powerful and more beautiful phones to worldwide consumers .
We insist in featuring famous, safety BAK Cell. Bringing you the smart joy by massive battery.
We insist in featuring first-class camera, matching with vivid displaying. Capturing your moving moment.
Doopro P4 Pro (4-Core MT6737, 1GB+8GB) Doopro P4 Pro (4-Core MT6737, 1GB+8GB) Vender
Doopro P4 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Doopro P4 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Vender
Doopro P5 Pro (4-Core MT6737, 2GB+16GB) Doopro P5 Pro (4-Core MT6737, 2GB+16GB) Vender
Doopro P5 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Doopro P5 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Vender
Doopro P3 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Doopro P3 (4-Core MT6580, 1GB+8GB) Vender